Top 11 Best Antivirus App For iPad & iPhone Devices

In this article, we have reviewed the best antivirus for iPad and antivirus for iPhone for the better protection of your iOS and personal data. Though Apple has the right security protection on their devices, yet an antivirus for iPhone & iPad will protect all your personal information and files.

In the market of Smartphone, Apple has made the huge trend of how to stay in class with the hi-tech designed gadget. The design and features of iPhone and iPad have won the hearts of the tech savvy people.

But apart from its looks and features, the security too is require to protect your personal data and files on your iPhone and iPad. To protect all your data from other malware, you need to have the best antivirus for iPad & iPhone in 2017.

Best Antivirus For iPhone & iPad 2017

best antivirus for iPhone & iPad 2017

Here, we are listing down the best antivirus for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, where you can install in your device and protect all your valuable personal data from malicious software. Before proceeding further, antivirus available for iPhone and iPad are different, but yet you can check the compatibility of it and then continue. Take a look at the list of antivirus for iPhone & iPad and decide by yourself which antivirus you will go for.

Norton Mobile Security – Lost Phone Finder

By Symantec

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 6.0 or later

This app is also known as security app and mainly detects the unsafe app and protects your iPhone & iPad from cyber crime elements. It is all in one pack antivirus and also free to download for iOS users. It has the salient feature of providing the safe browsing feature and alerts the user from malicious links which include the wrong, harmful links or fishing.

You can download this app from iTunes app for free, and it is the best antivirus for iPad user can get. Protection against digital threats, back up of your contacts are the features that it carries along. Not only this, activate SCREAM feature to search for your device if it is stolen or missed out.

iPhone Snapshot

Norton for iPhone

iPad Snapshot

norton for iPad

Norton Mobile Security Features

  • Find lost iPhone, iPad from the map with its remote locate features
  • When your battery is low, this app will automatically saves your device current location
  • Scream Alarm for alerting lost phone or tablet
  • Contact backup and easy restore
  • Security control for all mobile device
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Trend Micro Mobile Security

By Trend Micro Incorporated

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 9.0 or later

This best antivirus for iPad & iPhone is one of the impressive antivirus that gives comprehensive protection to all Apple gadgets. To enjoy the digital life in a safe mode, this antivirus ensures that there are no web and privacy threats. Identifying the fake websites, theft schemes and phishing scam are the features that this software makes sure to keep away from your device.

This app identifies fake and harmful websites and apps from iPhone and iPad device. For e.g. often we come across the websites which asks for the sign into access that particular site further. After signing in, they notify us asking for some payment to get the full access of the website. This kind of phishing is detected and secured by the TREND MICRO MOBILE SECURITY app. Not only this, but it can also manage monthly data usage and costs, backup of the contacts and keeps the privacy check of your social network accounts too.

iPhone Snapshot

trend micro antivirus iphone snapshot

iPad Snapshot

trens micro for ipad

Trend Micro Mobile Security Features

  • Guard against phishing scams and identity theft
  • Backup & Transfer contacts
  • Secure browser
  • Block online advertising tracker
  • Enable private surfing
  • Reading Mode facility
  • Safeguards
  • Locate missing device using GPS
  • Monitor data usage
  • Safe Surfing for Children
  • Device health checker

360 Security

By Beijing Qihoo Technology Co Ltd

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Over the time while using the iPhone, it creates duplicate photos and files randomly which occupies the space in your device. With 360 mobile security, the user can delete all those duplicate files, and it also detects the threats, malware. This software further protects the data, monitors the data usage and also keeps the check on SMS and call filters. It also has the special feature called MOBILE OPTIMIZER which detects the duplicate files and improves the performance of iPhone. FIND MY PHONE feature helps to recover the lost iPhone.

360 mobile security for iphone and ipad

360 Security Features

  • Entire phone search for image optimization
  • Auto grouping
  • Free up space
  • Accurately estimate the time of charging of you iPhone
  • New languages added
  • Stability improvements
360 Security
360 Security

Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection

By Lookout, Inc.

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 8.1 or later

This is the best antivirus for iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices which provide the complete protection, this software is quite popular because of its improved features. It is the antivirus for iPhone which ensures the smooth functioning by securing and providing the backup of your personal data, and if any wifi network is found unsafe by Lookout app, it secures your device. If your iPhone is lost, it tracks down and helps to find the lost device. Lookout app is free to download and ensures complete protection to your device.

It provides safety and privacy both, and that is why it is the best antivirus for iPad users. To protect your iOS software from data loss, thefts or any other threats, this app does not disappoint in their features. It works like an antivirus and antitheft. If there is any unethical activity detected, the app will try to send an email to you, like for missing out of your device.

iPhone Snapshot

lookour for iphone device

iPad Snapshot

lookpout for ipad devices

Apple Watch Snapshot

lookout for apple watch

Lookout Features

  • Identity theft protection
  • Identity restoration & Insurance
  • Security
  • Find my phone
  • Backup
  • Theft alert
  • Photo backup
  • SSN & Social Media Watch
  • Lost wallet recovery
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F-Secure SAFE

By F-Secure Corporation

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Now when we love spending a significant time on the internet from our devices, F- security makes sure that we have safe browsing, protects iPhone while we carry on the activities of our web streams or online activities, thereby ensuring the safety of all our personal data and information from malicious web links. To block unwanted calls, erase or recover the data from the lost iPhone, detect and clean malicious apps, mobile recovery is some of the features that F- security comes with as antivirus for iPhone & iPad.

iPhone Snapshot


F-Secure Safe Features

  • Find you device
  • Browse Safely
  • Protect your privacy
  • Protect your children
  • Explore internet safety
  • Safe banking site access
  • Protect from unsuitable content
  • 20+ languages
F-Secure SAFE
F-Secure SAFE
Price: Free+

Avast Secure Me

By AVAST Software

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 8.0 or later

avast secure me

We are very much familiar with the products of AVAST has in the digital world. It already has the vast collection of antivirus app for free and pro version made available for all types of platforms. Avast secure me app is available for free on the iPhone, and it enables the protection of device while it is connected to WLAN or wifi.

Get the instant notification on whether any open wifi connection is available or not, and if it is, this app ensures that it is safe for the device. To cave out the browsing experience on your device, it has introduced the feature Virtual Private Network (VPN). Protection of email, data, browser history, and internet thieves is the function that this app functions very efficiently.

To maintain the online privacy, that is while browsing the data through the wifi connection; there are chances of the data being stolen. So to prevent this kind of act, attacks of phishing websites and thefts, Avast secure line VPN is used for the iPad device.

Avast SecureMe
Avast SecureMe
Developer: AVAST Software
Price: Free

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McAfee Mobile Security, Vault, Backup and Locate

By McAfee (Intel Security)

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 8.0 or later

mcafee antivirus for iPhone iPad

Right from notifying about serious ongoing security bugs to protection from the unsecured website is what the standard feature is of MCAFEE MOBILE SECURITY. Download this antivirus app for free for your iPhone device and get some more features unlocked with the help of in-app purchase.

With the pretty good interface and very much easy to understand, this is best antivirus for iPad along with the feature of good protection. MacAfee was rated the best antivirus amongst the antivirus securities in 2015. Looking at the salient character of the app, it helps to secure photos and videos in the safe vault with the aid of PIN that is given by this antivirus. To know the location of where your device is stolen or missing, you have to keep one feature on i.e. an alarm which works even on silent mode. With the additional feature, it helps to have the backup of your contacts and also enables the delete option for the same if required to be done in a remote way.


VirusBarrier for iOS

This is one of the best antivirus for iPad & iPhone which protects not only your iOS device but also Mac and PC from the serious issues. This app analyzes the iPhone data and protects it or troubleshoots the problem if encountered. Safe browser, secure wifi, location tracker are the other features that this app provides for the iPhone and other iOS platforms.

Avira Mobile Security

By Avira Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Avira Mobile Security for iOS

Check this anti virus app for your iPhone as it protects all your personal data and information like your contacts, SMS, emails, media files and also your credit card number and information. It secures your device from bad links, threats, blocks unwanted calls and prevents banking Trojans. Get this app and find your lost iPhone device since it tracks the pinpoint geo-location.

This app is user-friendly, and it is the free best antivirus for iPad users. It is the real-time protection provider, scan scheduler, social network shield and a two-way firewall. You can locate your stolen or missing device and also can check whether your email is hacked or not, and if you have queries regarding installation or functioning of antivirus, there is a community that will answer all the questions regarding the AVIRA mobile security.

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By Trustmobi

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 6.0 or later


Download this best antivirus app and protect your data, apps with fast detection or repair function of the virus in the iPhone.  Get this for free from the app store and secure your iPhone with lot other security features of this app. It has backup and recovery option for contacts and also makes sure that the battery of iPhone is optimized well.

Developer: Trustmobi
Price: $0.99

Sophos Mobile Control

By Sophos

Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Requires iOS 6.0 or later

Sophos Mobile Control app for iOS

This antivirus app is available for all three platforms- iOS, Android, and Windows. Developed by enterprise mobility management (EEM) this, app manages, controls and secures the all the three platforms. You can download the free/ trial versions of the app from its website.

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All the above antivirus for iPhone & iPad are free to download, and ensures the security of the data in your device. To ensure whether the app is free or not for lifelong, go to the app’s official website and check their different versions. If you want to have added-on features of any of the above apps, you can purchase the app and secure the device with more protective features.

If this article of having the best antivirus for iPad and antivirus for iPhone is useful in protecting your device from viruses and malware, bookmark this article, and you can also share it with your other iPhone and iPad users to earn some blessings.

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